Different Interior Painting Methods You Should Know

Painting is one of the essential activities in the construction and preparation of the houses in Washington. It is a very defining factor for the internal environment within the four walls of the house. Interior painting approaches also tell a lot about the owners and the family that lives in, therefore it also accounts for creating an impression and statement. This is why there is constant innovation in the techniques and modes for interior painting in Washington, including the materials and chemicals that are to be used. Here are some of the prominent interior painting techniques used.


This is a painting technique that has the hands and ideas of many artists in its conception. Stippling involves creating various subtle and sophisticated patterns on the walls using the changing solidity degree of the materials in the form of dots. It can be done by creating a simple layer of base coat and then dabbing the wall with paints, glaze, or other mixtures in vertical, horizontal, or simultaneous patterns.

Patinas and Metals

For having a more contemporary style in the bedrooms or the most favorite areas in the house patina and metal painting techniques can be used. This method imparts the shine of two different metals altogether. This makes it a more preferable choice for the ventilated and well-lit places in the house.


This technique can be used to have the elegance of moiré style of wall covering. The pattern is best described as a secondary highlighted and visually appealing pattern superimposed on a primary base. It gives a marbling effect to the overall appearance and makes the whole look classic.