Punk Art in Home Interiors

With so much demand for, futuristic, modern, edgy and unique designs The Punk Art Studio has made the best out of the market demand. The highly creative designer Janette Roero re- introduces your home to some trendy yet never seen interiors. a global focus on this edgy, ground-breaking style in fashion.

Without crossing the line of being termed loud and garish Janette loves working with skull light fixtures, gothic style artwork subtly mixed with the UK- style luxury.

The Contemporary Duo – Featured Post

Once every month we bring you real inspiration from the world of architecture and home design from across the globe. This month we bring to you a husband wife couple (Diana & Patrick) from Norfolk who are making big news with their contemporary approach to residential architecture and interior home designs.

Inspired by the designs and patterns of nature, their designs and concepts drip feeds you with innovative building designs, earthy & rustic home interiors that are hands down stunning!